Carioca Connection: Brazilian Portuguese Conversation.

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Season 4 está chegando!

Season 4 of Carioca Connection is coming your way! Very soon. This is the most excited that we have ever been about a new season.

S03:E40 - Retrospectiva de 2018 do Carioca Connection! 🎉

In this last episode of Season 3 of Carioca Connection, we take a look back at 2018 and see what 2019 has in store. It's been a great year and we could not have kept the show going without your support. Valeu! Aperta play!

S03:E39 - A rainha da p*rra toda!

In this episode, we are talking about Anitta. She isn't just another pop star, she is the rainha da p*rra toda! Find out why and much more in this hilarious episode! Aperta play!

S03:E38 - A praça da Alexia

In this episode, we dive into a soundscape of Alexia's plaza. The plazas of Rio de Janeiro are noisy, chaotic, and charmingly beautiful all at once. If you want to really understand Brazil, you have to understand the praças. Aperta play!

S03:E37 - Sergio Moro

In this episode, Alexia and her dad discuss Sergio Moro, the Brazilian federal judge and the lead prosecutor for the Lava-Jato Operation. If you are interested in Brazilian politics, this episode will help clarify a bit. Aperta play!

S03:E36 - O jeitinho americano, explicado 🙏

In this episode, Foster asks Alexia to clarify some things and they take a look at how much you can learn just from a small piece of authentic material. Aperta play!

S03:E35 - O jeitinho americano 🇺🇸

In this episode of Carioca Connection, Alexia reads an excerpt from Matthew Shirts' book, O Jeitinho Americano. It's a great read with tons of new vocabulary. Aperta play!

S03:E34 - Espanha 🇪🇸

In this episode of Carioca Connection Alexia and Foster talk about their experience in Spain, as well as how to talk about travel more generally. As always, this episode is full of real Brazilian Portuguese. Aperta play!

S03:E33 - Ao vivo do aeroporto! ✈️

Coming to you live from the Lisbon airport! 🇵🇹 Alexia is returning home to Rio de Janeiro, so Foster checks in with her to see how she is feels about returning to Brazil.